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December 09, 2019



Oh yes, "what a challenging concept!" Yet, the only one that can even begin to bring peace to my heart and soul. Keep writing, keep posting, you continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. Love you, s

Susan Davis Martin

Dorothy, I can't begin to tell you what a blessing to see your post first thing today. I've missed you! As above so below. Forgiveness is tricksy. But you are right, about deserving inner peace after witnessing and participating in "the wars" -- inner or outer. Perfect message for this time of year. Just the balm of wisdom we need. 🕊🎄Love and Peace

jacki long

Oh boy, Dorothy, this is so beautiful. You mirror my feelings and frustrations.
I am not sure I can manage tolerance but will try forgiveness as a favor to my wounded heart.
Please post again, we need your wisdom. Love to you and your.

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