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May 19, 2019


cindy stentz

hello dorothy! ive just seen sophie and was reminded of your blog. what a lovely opportunity to witness!one of these days id love to stop by and reunite with you. sending love !

kathy ericksen

What an amazing experience to see that happening in your own back yard. One more reason why we want to come up to Whidbey. You cant help but anthropomorphize the experience. I want the feed the mama and the babies AND protect them from harm! You could start a petting zoo?! Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

jacki long

This is so wonderful Dorothy.
So glad you were there to photograph and share with us.
A miracle indeed, too often missed.
Thank you Dorothy!

Susan Davis Martin

Worthy of National Geographic D. Your place must be peaceful and safe for Molly to choose it as the birthplace for her offspring.

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