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November 21, 2016


jacki long

I am commenting late Dorothy! I loved this post at the time but wanted to take some time to think about my comment. Well you can see where that got me, and I have forgotten my initial train of thought, But now reading it again, I just love the "you-ness" of it all, and your giving. As always, I look forward to each post and always hope for more.

Susan Davis Martin

Boy, did you nail this one! Thank you for this reflection. And the courage to admit the desire, the fantasy of wanting to be "special". I was afflicted with this at midlife, and caused myself a lot of suffering over it! (it must be developmental) I have not been able to piece it all together yet, but your example helps me to know that I can. The photos bring back memories and times that are pivot points for me--time with the Crone. I hope we are blessed with another chance to be together for a good chat. Love! Always!

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