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October 21, 2016


Tina Stromsted

Sweet Dorothy,

Oh... what beauty, grace, eloquence and mystery was wrapped up in the soft little body of that blue-eyed girl!
I know how you and Meg loved her so, and she you; and Raffy!

You have been so good to her from the very start, and she blossomed tremendously with your love and had such a full, tender and playful life on this earth!

Now, as others have said, I sense her watching over you, guiding your intuition, your soft fur naps, nibbles of yummy things, moments of meditation and clear sight as you gaze out at the wide horizon where the sky meets the sea..... there she'll be.

And in your heart, always.

I'm wrapping my arms around you and sending love to you dear DJ,

art tart #2


may she be frolicking in the sweet hereafter with gus the shy one-eyed wonder cat, alibaba and the 40 thieves, buck moss, and all the other cats big & small we have loved over the years. sitting in patches of warm sunlight, eating bowls of tunafish, and having their ears scratched.

sending love and bear hugs.


Susan Davis Martin

Oh Dorothy! Biddy is indeed a sweet spirit. I am glad for your photos of her soaking up sunbeams. It is a very hard thing to say good bye to our soul animals. I like what Jacki has to say about it. I hope that Rafferty is well, and that you both can comfort each other. Love you D❤️

jacki long

So sorry Dorothy for such a huge loss.
I loved your eloquent tribute & shared tears.
I have a personal belief that she is still with you,
and that you will feel her go by, hear a sound she made,
see her out of the corner or your eye, or sense her near for awhile,
I believe we are given that extra time for healing,but the ache remains.
Take care Dorothy, Biddy is healthy now and caring for you.

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