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June 06, 2015


Wendi Hill

I so love your writing, Dorothy. "Alas, this NEW LIFE requires sacrificing old ideas that never have,or never will, come to pass THERE IS ALWAYS A SACRIFICE" This truly resonates with me as I work with The Handless Maiden fairy tale for my PhD dissertation. I am making the same kind of changes right now and also coming to terms with what needs to be left behind and what is most essential to bring with me on the next phase of my journey. Much love to you and Meg!


Susan Davis Martin

Dear Dorothy, Firstly, you are a Gemini, and you certainly sound like one. ☺️ My daughter in law (an artist) is too, and says that her art materials and closet storage are her "Everest". I have offered to be her Sherpa. I am sure you will find, to your delight, many soul-utions for your stuff. Remember the idea of photographing and making a digital record of things you cannot keep? You could scrapbook or collage it later... But, I hear you. The deeper task at hand, it seems to me, is sacrifice. Sacrificing, making way for the new life that wants to be on Whidbey Island. For me, this means, coming more and more into essence. Your essential nature. My essential nature. The task of individuation. It is probably no accident that you chose that photo of yourself, standing tall, upright, and strong--arms akimbo! You are up to the task! If you would like any Sherpa assistance, I am here. πŸ—» With love, always SDM

jacki long

You are up to it Dorothy, of course! And anything else that you want to do.
Your words resonate with me, and I admire your trek. I know you will make it and enjoy the result.
You are an inspiration. Please continue to blog about it?

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