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August 04, 2013


jacki long

I so love it when you post Dorothy! And, this one seemed lighter, as if you were in your comfort zone? Maybe that's the key for all of us, to dwell in that comfort zone? I look forward to and enjoy every post! Take good care.


Hello again! Another read to consider: The Force of Character by James Hillman.
His thesis: The Soul's necessity to age, is a way to fulfill itself, in the form of character.
I. E., he tries to answer the question of why we age--beyond biology. As I turn 60 soon, am feeling the miles and most definitely a Crone. Am slowly working my way through his book. ❤SDM

Susan Davis Martin

Dear Dorothy,

If you have not yet seen Dustin Hoffman"s directorial debut, Quartet, you must.

I visit your blog regularly in hopes of a post.

Keep writing to us!

Love always, SDM

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